Mosquito Statistics, Facts, and Analysis

I did some research to find statistics about mosquitoes. I searched 21 different sources of information and here are the results:

There are 13, 924 mosquitoes per person in the world.

They have been the number one killer of humans for a long time.

Over 700k people die every year from diseases that they transmit.

Here is an infographic with more stats and facts:



I think it is interesting that we spend $7 billion on repellents each year. I was surprised to learn that there are 110 trillion mosquitoes in the world.

The economic cost of them is about $150 billion per year.

They are many different species, that eat a variety of stuff, and are preyed on by birds and bats.

There are 8 types in Texas, some are green, and can bite multiple times.
Mosquitoes differ from flies in many ways. You can keep them away with these methods.

They can sense animals to bite from 164 feet away by carbon dioxide. During a full moon they are 500 percent more active. Females live for 2-3 weeks.

They intake .001 to .01 ml of blood when they feed. The human body has about 5 liters.