RV Loan Financing Statistics, Facts, and Analysis

Here are some RV loan financing stats I found by researching 13 different sources.

  • The average RV loan interest rate was 6.64% in 2021.
  • There were 600k RVs sold in 2021 with 91% being towable.
  • The monthly payment of $828 will get you $50k for 6 years at 6%.

Here is an infographic:


The minimum loan amount is $10k for most lenders. If you need less then you can use an unsecured personal loan.

Your debt to income ratio should be less than 40%. A credit score over 720 is preferred.

An new RV will cost you an average of $271k for class A, $80k for class B, $129k for class C, and $12k for a popup towable camper.

Dealer markup is 50% but they will negotiate that lower.

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