Crockett Garden Falls Waterfall Hike Georgetown Lake [43 Pictures]

Here are some photos of my hike to Crockett Garden Falls on Georgetown Lake near Austin, TX.

The hike is 3 miles each way and takes about 3 hours if you go slow, explore every side trail, and take a lot of pictures like I did. The trail is rugged with many rocks.

I saw some wildlife like flowers, insects, squirrels, lizards, and birds of prey.

The Goodwater loop trail head of the San Gabriel River Trail is inside Cedar Breaks Park.


The trail is very rocky, with rough and jagged rocks.

These look like snake berries, do not eat.



There are some side trails that lead to the lake in the first mile:

It is fairly hilly, with lots of ups and downs.

The trail is up over 100 feet about the lake and there is a cliff:



Mile marker 1 is about 1/3 of the way.




one of the steep and rocky sections:


The path is super rocky with some kind of porous lava rocks.

Some wildflowers along the way

The creek that flows to the lake.


The trail splits here, follow the sign arrow to Crockett Garden Falls:

This part of the waterfall is on the left of the dome.


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