Ford V10 6.8L Triton Engine Problems, Troubleshooting, Mileage

The v10 engine was made from 1999 to 2019, and is now replaced with v8.

It had a few problems like:

  • Cracking PCV valve hose
  • Spark Plug Blowouts
  • Exhaust manifold bolt failures

Video about issues:


It was used in f250 – f750 trucks, excursion, econoline vans, and motorhomes. It can last 200k miles or more.

The v10 engine was made from 1999 to 2019, and is now replaced with v8. The gas mileage was about 9 mpg.

bore and stroke, 92mm – 106mm
Max power 362 hp @ 4,750 rpm
Max torque 460 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
Aluminum cyclinder head
3 valves per cylinder
413 CID, 6.8 liters
7 quarts of oil
cast iron block
chain camshaft
Fuel System: Sequential multi-port fuel injection
Max Engine Speed: 5,200 rpm
Weight dry: 625 lbs


Gas Mileage

The Ford V10 engine based RV motorhome gets 9 MPG. It can vary up or down 1-2 MPG for smaller or larger vehicles.

How to improve the mileage of a Ford V10

Step one: inflate the car tires to the producer’s commended PSI and install a fix another air filter after every ten thousand miles.

Step two: Buy a chip for your vehicle. Make sure that this chip has a fuel-efficient setting. This will help to save a lot of your fuel.

Step three: fix a fresh air intake system, throttle body space, and a dual exhauster. That will allow your vehicle engine to work more effectively by taking in cold air.

Step four: fix a scan gauge specifically designed for the Ford V10 trucks. This allows you to keep track of your engine’s performance. You can also tell exactly what gas mileage you are taking.

Drive as much as you can while the engine is still warm.

Towing a car will decrease mileage because its more work.

Slowing down will increase mileage because it less wind resistance.

The common problems of Ford V10

PCV Hose Crack– this can be prevented by a number of handy tips. Nevertheless, due to poor metal properties and spark plug designs of the OEM plugs and cylinder head, the best and secure option is to utilize a thread kit like a Cal-Van and HeliCoil.

Spark Plug blowout– the Ford V10 Triton engines have a common flaw in the spark plug designs and in the cylinder head that can make the plugs weld to or eject out of the cylinder head.

Exhaust Manifold deficiency– Exhaust manifolds are effective for bolting up the exhaust system and engine cylinders. They carry used air from the engine to the exhaust system. The exhaust system then releases it into the environment. When the manifolds loosen, they cause a leakage, which makes you lose all the back-pressure, leading to a lot of performance problems.



Fold V10 specifications

• The type of engine: Gas

• Drive Type: Back wheel drive

• Transmission: Five-speed manual

• Fuel capacity: 38 gal, oil capacity 7 qt

• Torque: 350lb-ft per 2500 rpm

• Horsepower: 260hp per 4500rpm


Factors affecting the life expectancy of the motorhome Ford V10

There are several factors that can affect the Ford V10 life mileage, but many of these factors can be controlled. Keep in mind that you should care for your truck just like you would do for a kid. You have to nurture it for effective survival. Some of the factors affecting its mileage include:

The driving style: much of your vehicle engine’s lifespan is based on your driving style. If you are consistently redlining or revving your engine, acting like you are on a safari rally each time you take off, then your car is likely to wear out quickly.

The quality of fuel: utilizing high-quality gasoline can minimize engine deposits, which helps increase the lifespan of your engine and boost the vehicle’s performance.

Towing or hauling: this motorhome truck is designed for towing things around, though how much you perform that task will eventually affect your engine’s lifespan. Further, towing more weight than the vehicle can handle can result in serious destruction to your vehicle.

Maintenance: maintenance is vitally important for any car engine, not just the Ford V10. You cannot expect to hit over two hundred thousand miles if you cannot even recall the last time you changed the oil. Thus, try to constantly change the oil, get flushes completed, replace the filters, and guarantee fluid up to par.


The reliability of the Ford V10 engine

Although the reliability of any car engine is based on the balance of adequate care and maintenance, Ford V10 engines appear to be generally reliable. If possible, try to routinely check your maintenance service records to make sure that the vehicle was properly maintained. The motorhome Ford V10 is utilized in many commercial cars, which alone proves its reliability.

The most common issues with this motorhome are breaking of exhaust stud and spark plug problems, both of which can be easily repaired at a lower price.

Therefore, with adequate maintenance of your vehicle engine, you should easily achieve the two hundred thousand miles out of this truck. Some people also claim to have achieved over three hundred thousand miles on this beast without any major issues. Additionally, it has extraordinary durability of diesel. Only a few trucks and cars on the road nowadays can hit such kind of lifespan.