Casita vs Scamp Travel Trailers [What is Difference?]

The Casita is heavier than Scamp trailer so you need a bigger tow vehicle. Scamp is 1500 – 2000 lbs, the Casita is 2200 – 2400 lbs.

There are some other differences like:

The Casita has bigger tires available up to 15 inch. The Scamp only has 14 inch.

The Casita costs a little more.

Casita has wider beds.

Compare photos:

Scamp has more floorpans and available wood cabinets.

The Casita has bigger refrigerator with freezer.

Casita has larger holding tanks.

A generator is an option on scamp, but not Casita

Both are made from fiberglass, and are very similar.

Here is a good video comparing them.

Compare to Snoozy II

Compare to trailers from other companies: