e450 vs e350 [What is the Difference?]

The e450 has more towing power and gets 8 mpg, compared to 9 for the e350. The e450 is heavier, uses stiffer springs and is 3 inches longer.

e350 is quieter and gets better mileage.

E-450 is not made in 138 inch

E350 has a 4.10 gear and the E450 has a 4.56.

Some owners have reported getting 10 mpg on flat terrain with steady speed.

They both have 6.8L V-10 has 305 HP at 4250 rpm and 420 foot-pounds of torque at 3,250 rpm

For a 25 foot motorhome the e-350 is fine, unless you are towing a car.


Photos of each:



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