Scamp Trailer Prices [What is the cost?]

A Scamp RV trailer costs about $18k.

A 13 foot model costs $15k, that increases to $23k with bathroom.

They make a 16 foot long model that costs about $3k more.

There is a 19 foot model that costs even more, $32k loaded.

You can save some money by buying used. The price of trailers tends to drop 10 percent per year.

A new Scamp travel trailer is only available from Scamp in Minnesota, and they do deliver. They are small, fiberglass, lightweight, and easy to tow with a car. The 13 model is only 1500 lbs.

You can buy used models anywhere, including dealers and craigslist. I have seen them selling used for $5k-$12k.

Here are some pictures so you can compare the sizes:

13 ft


16 ft

19 ft


Compare to Casita