Winnebago Lesharo Problems Lists [10 Known Issues]

The Winnebago Lesharo RV has had many problems such as:

  1. Water Heater faulty thermostat.
  2. Blown head gasket.
  3. Transmission issues, sluggish, and sticking in gear.
  4. Battery Charger not working.
  5. Locked Brake Drum.
  6. Coolant Pipe Overheating.
  7. Windshield Wipers squeak.
  8. Toilet flush valve wears out.
  9. Air Conditioning System roof vent clogs.
  10. Kitchen Faucet leaks.


Video clip:


The LeSharo is aka Itasca Phasar. It was made 1983-1992.
It had a 4 cyclinder engine with 100 hp, a 4 speed manual, and got 33 mpg. The GVWR is 5800 lbs.

They sell for about $7k in 2022.