Westinghouse iGen4500 Problems List

The Westinghouse iGen4500 generator has had some problems like:

  • Battery Failure
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Fuel leaks
  • Air Filter issues
  • Lost magnetism
  • Not starting due to choke issue

How to fix:

1. Generator won’t start:

a. Check the fuel level: Make sure there is sufficient fuel in the tank.

b. Inspect the oil level: The iGen4500 has a low-oil shutoff feature; ensure there is enough oil in the generator.

c. Check the air filter: A dirty air filter can prevent the engine from starting. Clean or replace the air filter if necessary.

d. Inspect the spark plug: A fouled or damaged spark plug can cause starting issues. Clean or replace the spark plug if needed.

e. Ensure the choke is set correctly: Set the choke lever to the appropriate position for starting, usually the “closed” or “start” position.

f. Make sure the generator’s control switch is in the correct position.


2. Overloading:

a. Verify the total power consumption of the connected appliances and devices. The iGen4500 has a maximum output of 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts. Disconnect any devices that exceed the generator’s capacity.

b. Reset the generator’s circuit breaker if it has tripped due to overloading.


3. Generator runs but does not produce power:

a. Check to see if the circuit breaker or GFCI outlets have tripped. Reset them if necessary.

b. Make sure the generator’s control switch is in the correct position. c. Inspect the wiring and connections for any damage or loose connections.

4. Unstable or fluctuating power output:

a. Allow the generator to warm up for a few minutes before connecting devices.

b. Ensure the connected devices’ total power consumption does not exceed the generator’s capacity.

c. Use a power conditioner or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for devices with sensitive electronics that may require a higher quality power source.


5. Generator is louder than expected:

a. Place the generator on a flat, stable surface to minimize vibrations.

b. Ensure the generator’s housing and components are not loose or damaged, which could cause excessive noise.

c. Keep in mind that the generator’s noise level may increase with the load. Ensure the connected devices’ total power consumption is within the generator’s capacity.


Note: There has been a recall for models with serial number 04511A1019, 04511A1219, or 5311A1219.

Video of running problem:


The iGen4500 is an inverter generator with 3700 watts of power. It is portable, good for camping, and costs about $1100.

The owners manual pdf is online here.



4,500 Peak Watts, 3,700 Running Watts

LED Display – Remaining Run Time, Output, Fuel Level, Volts

Remote Start and Push Button Start

30 amps
60 hz
52 dBA
3.4 gal fuel
224 cc engine
18 hours run time
.6 qt oil capacity, 10W30 Oil
dry weight 105 lbs
1 duplex 120v outlet
1 120v tt30r outlet
2 usb outlets