Winegard Air 360 Problems Troubleshooting Guide

The Winegard 360 is an RV antenna that can be used as a TV antenna.

It has had a few problems like:

  • Poor reception
  • Missing channels
  • Coupler and splitter issues
  • No signal

Owners manual link:

Video of Winegard 360:


Issues reported and how to fix:

  1. Poor reception or signal strength: If you experience weak or inconsistent TV signal reception, try the following steps:a. Ensure that the antenna is properly installed and secured to the roof of your RV.b. Check for any physical damage or obstructions that may be affecting the antenna’s performance.  Change your location, as nearby structures, trees, or hills can interfere with the signal. Use a signal booster or amplifier, which can enhance the reception of weaker signals. e. Rescan for channels, as the available channels can change depending on your location.
  2. No power to the antenna: If your Winegard Air 360 is not powering on, check the following:a. Verify that the 12V power source is connected and functioning correctly.b. Check the wiring and connections for any damage or loose connections. c. Inspect the fuse or circuit breaker associated with the antenna and replace or reset if necessary.
  3. Difficulty scanning or finding channels: If you have trouble scanning for channels or finding the desired channels, try the following:a. Rescan for channels, as the available channels can change depending on your location.b. Adjust the settings on your TV or digital converter box to ensure it’s set up correctly for OTA reception.  Consult the TV station’s coverage map to verify that you are within the broadcast range of the desired channels.
  4. Intermittent signal loss: If the signal is frequently lost or breaks up, consider the following:a. Check for any loose connections or damaged cables in the antenna system.b. Verify that the antenna is properly grounded to reduce the risk of interference.  Use a signal booster or amplifier to enhance the reception of weaker signals.


360 degree reception
Amplified Gain 18db
Range 50 miles

powered by 12 vdc

17 x 17 x 8 inches

weight 8 lbs

It costs about $140 plus monthly data plan.