Sprinter 3500 vs 2500 [What is the Difference?] Towing, 4×4, Size

The Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz is a van used for deliveries and RVs.

They make a 2500 and 3500 model, here are differences:

  • 3500 has dually wheel option.
  • 3500 has higher towing capacity, max of 5000 lbs vs 7500 lbs
  • The 2500 is available with 4×4 option, the 3500 is not.
  • The 3500 has higher payload capacity by small amount.
  • The 3500 has higher level of stabilization to keep it from tipping over.
  • The 3500 costs more by about $5k.
  • The 3500 has larger wheel wells and stronger suspension.
  • Rear axle standard is 3.92 for 2500, vs 4.18 for 3500.


I would get 2500 for camping and a 3500 for heavy deliveries.

Here is a review video:



They both are same size and same engine options and look like these pictures: