Northwood Arctic Fox 22g Problems List [7 Items]

Owners have reported a few minor issues:

  • AC is inadequate
  • TV remote control turns fireplace on
  • Shower leaks
  • Rust on frame
  • Corner jacks fail
  • Microwave breaks
  • Furnace intermittent fail


Here is a video clip review:


It is made by Northwood and looks like this:

2 axles
23.8 ft
Dry weight 5535 lbs
GVWR 7500 lbs
Fresh water 50 gal
Gray water 42 gal
Black water 35 gal
2 propane tanks
1000 btu furnace
10 gal water heater
Sleeps 4
Tires: ST205/75R15, Load range D


Owners report things they like:

  • Easy to pull
  • Nice size, roomy but not too big
  • 4 season capability
  • Shocks on all 4 tires
  • 12v TV
  • Good overall quality
  • Power Awning


  1. Electrical issues:
  • Check for blown fuses, loose connections, or damaged wiring.
  • Verify that the RV’s battery is charged and in good condition.
  • Ensure proper functioning of the converter, inverter, and generator.
  1. Plumbing and water system issues:
  • Check for leaks or clogs in the water lines and drains.
  • Inspect the water pump, water heater, and fresh, gray, and black water tanks for proper functioning.
  • Winterize your RV’s water system if you plan to use it in freezing temperatures.
  1. Propane and appliances:
  • Inspect propane lines and connections for leaks or damage.
  • Ensure that propane tanks are full and properly secured.
  • Verify that appliances like the refrigerator, stove, furnace, and water heater are functioning correctly.
  1. Slide-outs and leveling systems:
  • Inspect the slide-out mechanism for debris or obstructions.
  • Lubricate slide-out rails and gears as needed.
  • Check the leveling system for proper functioning and ensure that the RV is level before extending slide-outs.
  1. Roof and exterior:
  • Inspect the roof for leaks, cracks, or damaged seals.
  • Clean and maintain seals around windows, doors, and vents.
  • Check the exterior for damage or signs of wear.
  1. Tires and brakes:
  • Regularly inspect tires for proper inflation, wear, and damage.
  • Ensure that lug nuts are properly tightened.
  • Check the brake system for wear or damage and replace components as needed.
  1. HVAC system:
  • Clean and replace air filters as needed.
  • Inspect the air conditioning and heating system for proper functioning.
  • Check ductwork for obstructions or damage.


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