Towing Fifth Wheel With Lifted Truck [Will it Work Safely?]

Lifted trucks look cool.

You can tow a fifth wheel RV with a lifted truck, but it is not recommended due to safety issues.

It may be ok for short distance at low speed, but high speed is different,
so stay safe and do not attempt.

Be aware of these issues:

  • It is more unstable but the towing capacity is the same.
  • There will be more sway and bounce.
  • The front of RV will be higher and the rear will sag.
  • The rear of truck will be overloaded.
  • Be aware of ground and top clearance.
  • A 2 inch lift is not as dangerous as a 6 or 8 inch.
  • The bigger tires will flex, bulge and sway.
  • Lifting a truck adds stress and strain causing more wear.


Video showing unstable towing with lifted pickup:




Be careful or your fifth wheel will be wrecked like this picture: