SPN 157 FMI 18 Fault Code [Explained]

SPN 157 FMI 18 engine fault code is due to ECM detecting low fuel pressure.


  • Bad fuel pump
  • Dirty fuel
  • Bad fuel filter
  • Pressure sensor failed

Have a look at this video.



I recently experienced an issue with my car that left me stranded on the side of the road. As I was driving, I noticed that my car was sputtering and losing power. Eventually, it came to a complete stop and I was unable to restart it. After having it towed to a mechanic, I learned that the culprit was a dirty fuel pump.

At first, I was surprised that something as seemingly small as a dirty fuel pump could cause such a big problem. However, after speaking with the mechanic, I learned that a dirty fuel pump can cause a variety of issues, from decreased fuel efficiency to engine failure. This experience made me realize just how important it is to properly maintain and care for your car’s fuel system. Now I have the shop guys test and replace parts when I go in for annual inspection.